Planning an event is not an easy thing to do. Often time most events end up with grumbling, which is usually due to the manner of which the event was arranged.

Best Tips for Creating the Perfect Menu for your Event

Menu for events is a very important part of the event itself, it’s relevance cannot be swept away because a little error might mar the event. Since menu planning is important, it’s okay, you take a look at these sure ways to create a perfect menu for your events.

Numbers– This is the most important factor to consider when planning a menu. What are the numbers of guest coming to the event? How many will like a particular dish? These numbers are to be computed and plans made along with it.

Budget– No one would like to host an event and go broke, perhaps it’s even to make gains after the end of the event. Planning a menu alongside the budget would go a long way in reducing the hiccups associated with altering figures later.

Consider space– An event definitely has a space factor limiting it to some extent. The kitchen for the preparation of dishes should be considered if the space would be enough to prepare the dishes.

Staff– Planning a menu without including helping hands is like going to a battle-field without a weapon. The result will be disastrous. The number, strength and preferences of staffs should be considered when planning a menu so there would be a seamless flow of activities during the event.

Anticipate for special needs– Not everyone would like a burger. Some guest might be allergic to certain types of food, so make provisions for adding alternative dishes to the main one. In considering these factors, a little qualm can be avoided later.

Consider time– The length of an event will go a long way in choosing the dishes for the event. For instance, a plated meal will be valueless if it is shared in a 30 minute event, likewise a box lunch would be meanliness in a 3 hrs event. Stick to a dish pattern that will work just for the time given.

Try these quick tips and see great menus springing from dull ones.